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Automatic Configuration utility for SwiftXmail on the iPad, iPhone, or Mac Mail.

There is an automatic iPad, iPhone, or Mac Mail configuration utility in your account control panel. Here's how to use it to add a SwiftXmail email account to your device.

1) First of all, if you've already added the email account to your device manually, delete it in: Settings > Mail. (Note that if the account was set-up as a POP3 account, messages will be deleted when the account is removed)

2) From the device you would like to configure, using Safari, log into your Accounts Control Panel as follows: URL: Email login: <your account login email address> Password: (use the forgotten password link if you don't know)

Once logged in go to Click “My Domains” on the right hand menu. Click the “view” icon to right of your domain to view the details. Click the “iPhone” icon to the right of the email address and fill in the form which pops up to the right with the name and reply address you would like to use. Click the “Configure” button. You'll receive a message advising that it is an “Unverified Profile”, but just click “Install Now” You may need to enter your iPhone/iPad password to complete the install. (If you have one set) Click Done and that's it.

You may also want to set the location for “Sent”, “Drafts” and “Deleted” email. To do this go to:

Settings > Mail > Select the account. Tap the account to go into the account Properties. Scroll down and tap “Advanced” Tap “Drafts mailbox” and select the folder on the server to store drafts email. Repeat for “Sent” and “Deleted”

We recommend that all devices connecting to the mailbox should be set-up as Exchange Activesync email, which will allow synchronisation across all devices. If the email account ever needs to be removed, you would do this in Settings > General > Profile.

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