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Configure SwiftXmail on Android phone or Tablet using Exchange ActiveSync

NOTE: Exchange Activesync does not support the Corporate Calendar or E-mail applications for the Motorola Droid, Droid 2, and Droid X. This is because these phones utilise a special application that does not follow Exchange Activesync Standards

In order to connect your Android device to SmarterMail via Exchange Activesync perform the following steps:

  1. - On your Android device, access the Settings menu.
  2. - Access Accounts & Sync.
  3. - Navigate to Add Account.
  4. - Select Corporate.
  5. - Enter your e-mail address and your password and select next.
  6. - For Domain\Username use the following format \
  7. - Your password should automatically be entered. If not, enter it now.
  8. - For the Exchange Server, enter the URL of your web interface (
  9. - Ensure that Use Secure Connection (SSL) is unchecked.
  10. - Select Next and configure your personal preferences for the frequency and amount of data to synchronize.
  11. - Press Next again, and configure your name as well as the connection name and select Done.

Your Android powered device is now setup to synchronize data using Exchange Activesync

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