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Restoration of files or folders from back-up

You can restore or obtain backed up files via the back-up system on your “PVA” control panel at:
username: (contact swift if you do not know your PVA login user or passord)
If you are unable to access the login screen, let us have the IP address which you are connecting from so that we can add it to the firewall.
After logging in navigate to the Container (VPS Server).
Click the Virtual Environments tab, and then click the server name
Click the backups tab, then click the required backup, then select “Browse backup”.
Change the “Per Page” option to 80 lines.
You can then navigate to a file or folder, put a tick against the file(s) you wish to restore, then click the restore icon at the top left of the table.
Note If you need to keep the current files, you will need to either rename or copy them on the server or rename the folder first because the restoration will overwrite the current files.
Alternatively there is an icon next to each file to allow you to download that file to your local computer.
Note with database restoration it is also good practice to perform a repair on the table after restoration. This is because each table file may be backed up at a slightly different time. Ypu will also need to restart MySQL to clear the cache.
To repair a MySQL table:
Log into your servers Plesk Control Panel at
Go to the Plesk Home Page of the Domain holding the database.
Click the “Databases” Icon.
Click the Database name with a problem.
Click the icon “DB WebAdmin”, which opens in a new window.
In the left hand column click the database name at the top of the list.
You should now see a list of tables in the Right hand column.
To the left of each table is a checkbox. Put a tick in the checkbox for each table that you would like to repair. If you want to select all tables, you can click the “Check All” option at the bottom of the list. (I recommend repairing all tables)
Just underneath the list is a Drop Down Box. Select the option “Repair Table” from the drop down box. [i](Never select the Drop or Empty options as they will delete the data!)[/i]
The repair should now commence, and when finished you should see a status message for each table.
To Restart MySQL.
You should restart the MySQL service to clear the cache using one of the following methods:
1) From PVA click the “Service” tab, and restart the mysqld service.
2) From the command line on Linux via SSH by running the command:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysqld restart
Once you've done this re-test the site.

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