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VPS Control Panels

There are two control panels for your server which offer different levels of control:-

1. PVA Control Panel
The PVA (Parallels Virtual Administrator) control panel operates at the hardware node level and allows you to Start/Stop/Reboot your server, as well as monitor resource usage. You can also View and Restore back-ups from the PVA.
To log into your PVA control panel:
URL: username: (contact swift if you do not know your PVA login user or password)
If you are unable to access the login screen, let us have the IP address which you are connecting from so that we can add it to the firewall.

2. 1. Plesk Control Panel
The Plesk control panel is installed on your server and allows you and your end users to manage domains, and email.

Version 9:

Version 11:

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